Friday, March 5, 2010

The Day and life of Isabel Reese

I have been very blessed to have a very good sleeper.  Our day usually starts with me getting up at about 8 or 8:30, and then getting ready for our day.  Isabel will wake up between 9 and 10, she eats and then I get her ready, This is when we play sing songs, and practice rolling over.  She will go back down for her nap at about 11 and sleep for 20 mins, this is when I try and get some house work done.  When she wakes we eat lunch and run some errands.  Depending on if we are home she will go dawn for her afternoon 2 hour nap at about 2.  Now its mommy time, and I sometimes will start dinner depending on what we are having.  By 5 Daddy comes home and we all play together.  Sometimes we have church or go visit Nana.  Isabel will take one more nap around 7 or so, then its our bedtime routine.  Bath, story, night time bottle and then its bed by 10!!!!

Tell me about your day!!!!

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