Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music class and and a walk in the park

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in KY!!!
So we decided to go to our local Library music class. We went with Sarah 
and Caleb, we met there Brittney and Presley Kate, and Lauren and Max.  Who 
I met sunday at church.  Yea for new Mommy friends.  After our music class
which was so much fun and Isabel really enjoyed it.  
We talked it up about our babies and all the fun stuff
mommies talk about.  After our hour long talk and feeding 
the babies we decided to go for a walk in the park.
It sounded great at the moment but little did we know that our walk would 
need up being a 2 mile hike up and down hills pushing our strollers.
I think we all agreed that we are out of shape.  
But it was still so much fun. 
Here are some pics from our day

Isabel before class, she was so excited
Stroller mafia minus max
All 4 babies!!

It was so much fun that we have decided to do this weekly!!!

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